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Toilet Installation Plumbing

If your toilet is leaking or simply not working the way it used to, maybe your best option is to upgrade to a new one. Toilets found in older homes can leak and even use a lot more water than new ones. The team at Aegis Plumbing can identify any problems that you may be having with your toilet, and advise whether you need an upgrade. Because we know the western suburbs of Melbourne, we have seen and worked on all the different types of toilets around the area. We can advise you which toilet is best suited for your house, and for you. We carry all the right tools and parts to service your toilet, whether it is old or new, we can take on even the toughest repairs.

Common Toilet Problems

There are many reasons why you would want to replace or install a new toilet. If you're experiencing any of the following problems, it may be time for a new toilet!

Our Toilet Services

Whether you have an old toilet or a new one, we know and understand how to fix, maintain or replace them. We cover a huge range of toilet services to ensure your problem is nothing that we can’t handle. Our services include:

So, no matter where you are from in the western suburbs of Melbourne or how old or new your home is, Aegis Plumbing has you covered.