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CCTV Inspection

When you have a blocked drain in your home and you aren’t quite sure where the problem is coming from; this can make fixing the problem very difficult. Even for plumbing experts like us, clearing a blocked drain can be hard and very time consuming. But knowing the exact location and the cause of a blocked drain can save a great deal of time. For this reason, Aegis Plumbing uses CCTV inspections for blocked drains and repairs.

Most people throughout the western suburbs of Melbourne just don’t have the right tools to unblock their drains. Thankfully, plumbing tech has come a long way in recent times. At Aegis Plumbing, we take full advantage of it! Our team of experts use the latest CCTV drain camera inspection equipment. With this equipment, we check your drain system and find the source of the problem. Using CCTV can save you a lot of time and money, so we make sure to utilise the technology whenever we can.

Why Your Drain is Blocked

There are several reasons why your drain may be blocked. Most often, a blocked drain is caused by the build-up of debris in the pipes. This in turn restricts the flow of water, adding pressure and strain on your pipe network. It can also be caused from a bent or damaged pipe, which can be a major problem for your drain system.

How to check for a blocked drain

Our CCTV drain and sewer inspection tools allows our team of expert plumbers to find the problem quickly. This is also a safe and non-intrusive method to approach the pipes without risking any further damage to the system. Once we detect and assess the problem, we will provide you with all the necessary details to move forward with the solution. This process is very cost effective and saves you (and us) lots of time.
A blocked drain may only require a high-pressure water jet to break and flush the debris out. If there is damage to the pipe itself, then we can look at options to repair the pipe to ensure it is protected again for many years to come.

CCTV inspection couldn’t be easier for the western suburbs of Melbourne. The highly skilled team at Aegis Plumbing are your friendly plumbers who will ensure the best outcome for you and your home. Call us now to get your water flowing again!